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Northwest Section
of The Ninety-Nines
The international organization of women pilots.

Membership - Join the Northwest 99s!

With The Ninety-Nines, you are in the company of friends! You receive understanding, encouragement and strength. Participate in our flying activities, aviation education, and community service as you improve your flying skills and create lifelong friendships. We welcome you to join and look forward to meeting you soon.

Benefits of Membership

Membership Types

  • Ninety-Nine: A woman who holds a Recreational, Sport, or higher grade pilot certificate or is a rated military pilot in similar aircraft or holds equivalent pilot certificates and ratings issued by the appropriate government authority.
  • Student Pilot: By joining as a Student Pilot you can apply for the Fly Now Award, which goes towards training for your private pilot certificate. You also start accumulating time towards the one-year waiting period required to apply for an Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarship! When you receive your license, you can update your membership to "99s," ready to help future women pilots.

How to Join

Online Membership Application

Visit for more information about membership.

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