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Northwest Section
of The Ninety-Nines
The international organization of women pilots.


We give the following awards to honor the women who have been a part of our Ninety-Nines flying history, and to inspire us all to continue in the great tradition and spirit of this group.

Nominations are due by July 15 of each year to the respective chairs.

Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Ninety-Nines Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarship Fund (AEMSF) was established in 1940 to help members attain specific and realistic goals in their advancement toward aviation/aerospace accomplishments.

These goals may qualify for or further an aviation-related profession or charitable cause. Financial need must be demonstrated in order to progress toward a goal. (The Vicki Cruse Scholarship is excluded from this requirement.) One pilot training course, certificate or rating can be applied for at a time. The Fund is intended to extend opportunities to as many members as possible, although current or past scholarship winners may submit application for any scholarship or award for which they are eligible, and may be awarded scholarships in consecutive years.

How To Apply:

Complete details and eligibility requirements can be obtained at

Past Recipients of the Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarship Fund:

2018: Julie Lyn Baker

Greater Seattle chapter, Academic

2017: Shari Kontra
Idaho Chapter, Multi-engine
2017: Tosha Cypher
Mat-Su Valley Chapter, CFI helicopter
2017: Alana Erickson
Idaho Chapter, ME Commercial add-on

Mountain Flying/Backcountry Scholarship

The Northwest Section donated the money for this scholarship in the name of the Montana Chapter, to honor them for their great job hosting the 2013 International 99s conference in Bozeman.

Past Recipient of the Mountain Flying/Backcountry Scholarship:

2015: Cindy Fritz
Cindy is active in the Idaho Aviation Association's efforts to maintain backcountry airstrips.

Northwest Section Scholarship

The Northwest Section Scholarship fund was created in 2013 from funds that the Section held in investment accounts. The scholarship is awarded annually for $1,000 or the amount requested, whichever is less. Examples are flight review, emergency maneuver training, ground school, components of student pilot training, floatplane rating, instrument proficiency check, or tailwheel instruction. Scholarship monies can be applied toward aviation expenses greater than $1,000, such as an additional rating or course of study, if the applicant clearly states there are sufficient funds from other sources to complete her training.

How To Apply:

The Northwest Section Scholarship 2020 application period is open until Feb. 29. Please read the "Tips for Applying for the Northwest Section Scholarship" available on this website's 99s Fly! blog. Work with your chapter's scholarship chair to create the best application package possible. Your package must include a recommendation letter from your chapter chairman and supporting information listed in the instructions page of the application below. All information is to be submitted in one file to the NW Section Scholarship Chair, Teresa Bubb, by Saturday, February 29, 2020. Email address:
Questions, contact Teresa Bubb at

Scholarship Application - PDF Format Northwest Section Scholarship Application

Past Recipients of the Northwest Section Scholarship:

2019: Karen Didisse

Karen Didisse of Idaho Chapter trained for and received her private pilot license.

2018: Cindy Repp

Cindy Repp of Intermountain Chapter will fly her initial cross country flight for the private certificate.

2018: Cindy Fritz

Cindy Fritz of the Idaho Chapter will train for her instrument rating.

2017: Candyce Goudey
Candyce Goudey of the Intermountain Chapter will train for her CFI rating.
2017: Laura Lloyd

Laura Lloyd of Columbia Cascade Chapter used her scholarship for an instrument rating. She achieved this on September 15, 2017 and is still going strong: on October 25, 2017 Laura earned her commercial certificate!

2016: Li Yang

Li Yang of the Columbia Cascade chapter planned to use her scholarship for floatplane training. She currently flies for SkyWest and actively mentors other pilots.

2016: Miranda Edwards
Miranda Edwards of the Montana chapter used her scholarship for training for her instrument rating.
2015: Vanessa Nelson
Vanessa Nelson of the Oregon Pines chapter was the recipient of our first Northwest Section Scholarship. She flies the J3 Cub that belonged to her dad, which she restored in 2011. Vanessa will use her scholarship for skiplane instruction.
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