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99s Fly!

Headed to Headquarters

October 23, 2015

If you ever find yourself in Oklahoma City, make sure you plan a stop at the Ninety-Nines Headquarters and the Museum of Women Pilots.

Our most recent "Behind the Clouds" award winner, Bev Clark, did just that. Bev presented a check to Laura Ohrenberg for the Endowment Fund on behalf of the Oregon Pines Chapter in the amount of $99. The purpose of the Endowment Fund is to fund world fellowship through flight, networking opportunities for women, aviation education in the community and preservation of the unique history of women in aviation.

Additionally, she was able to locate the tile in the Ninety-Nines Headquarters compass rose that the Oregon Pines "bought."

After donating her time to these causes (in true "behind the clouds" fashion), Bev was also able to enjoy a visit to the Museum of Women pilots. The museum houses historical treasures, from Amelia Earhart's original 1923 pilot certificate to a piece of USAF Captain Kim Campbell's A-10, full of bullet holes from flying a mission over Baghdad in 2013. When asked what her favorite museum display was, Bev replied that the Powder Puff Derby display, the WASP display, and the early aviatrix attire displays were all spectacular—so she couldn't choose just one favorite. "It is worth the visit," she says.

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