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Northwest Section Meeting Pictures

October 21, 2015

Below you will find many scrapbook-worthy photos from our Northwest Section Meeting in September 2015. This year's "Behind the Clouds" award, which is awarded to the member who is always willing to jump in and help out, went, very deservingly, to Bev Clark. The "Spinning Prop" award, given to the aviatrix with the most logged hours in the last year, was awarded to Vanessa Nelson. The Oregon Pines chapter won the Aerospace Education award, while the Eastern Idaho chapter got the Airmarking award. The Governor's award went to Patty Viall, who has now been elected to be the new Governor, herself.

We were all grateful to have a number of talented lady pilots speak to us throughout the weekend in Spokane. Heather Sterzick, "Patty Pilot" Mitchell, Gene Nora Jessen, Anne Anderson, Melinda Denton, and Bev Johnson inspired us with their stories of dominating their bucket lists, using their quick wits to make it through tough situations, and sharing the joy of aviation with both strangers and the people they love the most. Overall, the weekend was educational, inspiring, and one to be remembered for years to come.

Thank you, Marjy Leggett and Andrea Chay, for these awesome pictures!


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