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Spokane Northwest Section Meeting

September 15, 2015

Thank you to everyone who attended the Northwest Section meeting September 10th through the 13th!  Quite a few changes occurred, and I aspire to bring you the news of what happened at this momentous meeting.  We had 65 people registered for the conference, and about 55 members in attendance. 

The conference started with registration where we received Gladys Buroker's book, Wind In My Face along with other goodies, all placed in a stylish mesh bag.  The board met, and discussed pertinent happenings for the upcoming year.  Updates on scholarships and administrative changes are to come.

Patty Mitchell delivered an excellent speech during lunch on the first day, regaling us with her story of her piloting career, in a time when women were not welcome as aviators.  She showed uncommon spunk and zeal, and kept us laughing with her retorts to those who showed her little respect.  One of her stories involved one of the first times she flew for the Forest Service, where her job was to drop off men and supplies in flight at forest fire sites.  As she was taking the men up, she noticed that they had a "deer in the headlights" look about them, and she thought that perhaps they were nervous about jumping, but they said no, they were nervous about her as a pilot, for they had never had a female pilot before.  She replied to them, "If you don't like it, you can get out!" Her quick wit and humor made for an excellent speech.

Liz Jones and Marjy Leggett presented an excellent, and very informative Power Point presentation on the benefits of Foreflight, and flight planning.

The business meeting addressed current and past business.  The highlights are as follows:
  •  Carolyn Carpp encouraged donations to the National Intercollegiate Flying Association and explained what a wonderful program NIFA is. 
  • Members were reminded that in order to keep a chapter with the Ninety Nines, a chapter has to have at least five members and any dues have to be paid to International, not just to Section. 
  • We now have an updated, easier-to-navigate webpage! 
  • The updated bylaws were accepted unanimously.
  • The proposed budget was also accepted unanimously.
  • Directors were nominated.
  • Montana will have a scholarship coming soon!

Thank you to all those who worked so very hard this year!  You are very much appreciated!

Saturday brought the business meeting, a fashion show at lunchtime, the FlyMart and Silent Auction and three amazing seminars.  "Flying Africa" was presented by Melinda D. and Ann A., Beverly J. presented "A Kid's Intro to Aviation" and Gene Nora Jessen brought us "The Fabulous Flight of the Three Muskateers."  All three of these seminars were well put together, interesting and informative.

The evening banquet brought awards and thanks to all of those who worked so hard this year.  The speaker, Heather Sterzick, presented an excellent power point about her life in the Army and as an aviator.  She has had more adventures that can be recounted here, and she has accomplished more than I personally could fathom that could be done at such a young age.  We were extremely lucky to have speak at the banquet. 

The section meeting convened with a board meeting with the new officers.  The new officers will be updated soon on the website, and a Newsletter will be forthcoming as well.  Until then, I hope for you all to have clear skies and calm winds!

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