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Second report for Fall 2020: Nominating committee!

September 5, 2020

current and recent executive officers

This Northwest Section collage shows current Governor Patty Mitchell and Vice Governor Stacey Budell, along with Past Governors Karin Rodland, Patty Viall, and Andrea Chay.

This past year has been a challenge, hasn’t it? GA flying is down, and student pilots are struggling to continue their training under social distancing parameters. Lately, I’ve noticed an increase in brave souls finding ways to keep current and physically keeping in touch with each other. I am encouraged by the recent postings on Facebook.

As in years past, it seems I am always planning my personal flight to the site of the Section Meeting, working to accommodate smoke and haze from California and the NW, and this year would have been no different. However, the bright spark, for me at least, is the emerging practice of virtual meetings.

Our Board of Directors’ meeting in April of this year was an example of a successful meeting via Zoom. I hope you take the opportunity to encourage your chapter members to set aside some time on Sept 12th to join Governor Patty Mitchell and her officers on the virtual Northwest Section Meeting they’ve planned. Of course, the face-to-face camaraderie we all enjoy will be missing.

The purpose of this correspondence is to ask for your assistance in identifying potential candidates whom you believe may have the interest and, certainly, the enthusiasm to keep our Section vibrant beginning next summer. Election of Section Officers is scheduled to begin on May 1, 2021, by electronic balloting. [The “2021 99s Nomination Form.pdf” can be found on this website in the Member Resources! -Ed.] Please, in order to meet this schedule, we need them returned by Feb 28, 2021 before the Spring Board Meeting traditionally held in March.

Since January of this year, our Section has increased membership by 73 (47 Students) for a total of 547 as of today. By embracing an interest in our newest members, we have a greater possibility of reaching many who might otherwise not be interested in taking an active part in our organization.

With your help we can begin now, with small steps, on our call for nominations for our Section Officers and Directors. Meeting the Qualifications for Section level officers will not be a problem if we begin grooming potential nominees now. The primary qualification for Section Officers:

  1. Active membership in good standing for at least two years
  2. Experience as a Chapter Officer

Local Chapter Officers elected in 2019 and 2020 should meet the basic qualifications to run for a Section position in 2021. If you have any questions, or recommendations how we can seek out and encourage candidates, please contact us.

Your Nominating Committee members,

Debra Plymate, Andrea Johnson, and Susan Harper

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