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Spring Aviation Education Events

June 1, 2019

Columbia Cascades 99s volunteer at Aviation Day

On May 18, 2019, Alaska Airlines held an event called Aviation Day both at their hub at Seatac Airport, Washington, and in their hangar at Portland International Airport. The company jets were open for tours all day, and many scouts and other young people got inspired by all the talk of flying. Many Columbia Cascade chapter 99s volunteered at the Portland event. Among them were those featured in the top image: Elizabeth Harris, Alice Dumitru, Andrea Johnson, Kerry Hahne, Michele Ewing, Ingrid McQuivey, and Abbie Dusciuc.

In the background of the next photo you can see other airplanes that were on view.

99s Table at Alaska Airlines Aviation Day in Portland

Chapter secretary Andrea Johnson, seated here on the right with Priti Kumar and Jiah Sim, organized the table. Columbia Cascades organized this table to interest the children

Earlier this spring another interesting aviation event took place in Washington. The Museum of Flight in Seattle holds an annual event called the Women Fly Conference in March. Volunteers including those from the 99s give workshops and orchestrate activities to encourage women in aviation. One member of the Western Washington chapter, Alaska Airlines First Officer Jeanne Deaver, was featured in Alaska Beyond magazine in May. See the article on page 17, "Supporting Women in Aviation" for more information and a picture.

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