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Thank you letter from a scholarship recipient

May 24, 2018

Tosha in helicopter's left seat
Tosha Cypher's first experience flying from the left seat in the training helicopter.

In 2017, Tosha Cypher of the Mat-Su Valley Chapter in Alaska received the Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarship for her certified flight instructor (CFI) rating in helicopters. Last August she wrote: "Training for my CFI is going well. I'm currently working with my instructor to prep for taking the FAA written exams to get those completed and out of the way." After that she was able to focus on making lesson plans for her teaching material. "I'll keep up on my flying but will mostly be focusing on the ground portion as creating the lesson plans is a lot of work, and then once it gets closer to the checkride I'll fly more frequently. It's so exciting to be able to continue to move forward in my training because of this scholarship, I really am grateful. I'm working two jobs while trying to knock this out, so my process might be slower than I'd like, but it feels great to be heading in the direction I've been working so hard towards. Thanks for the support and encouragement!"

Then, just last week, Tosha wrote " I am getting pretty close to finishing up. I have almost completed my entire 3-inch-thick CFI binder with all the lesson material I created to teach off of, and yesterday I did my first full down autorotation, which was awesome! So getting very close. Just a matter of dialing everything in for the checkride."

Way to go, Tosha!

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