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Tips for Applying for the Northwest Section Scholarship

January 22, 2020

Apply for the Northwest Section Scholarship!

The Northwest Section Scholarship fund was created in 2013 from funds that the Section held in investment accounts. The scholarship is awarded annually for $1,000 or the amount requested, whichever is less. Scholarship monies can be applied toward aviation expenses greater than $1,000, such as an additional rating or course of study, if the applicant clearly states there are sufficient funds from other sources to complete her training. Examples are instrument or commercial rating, emergency maneuver training, ground school, initial pilot certificate (so YES!!! student pilots may apply), or tailwheel instruction. Post revised February 7, 2022.

The deadline is generally the end of February every year. To apply, get the application on the Scholarships page, and use the tips below to fill it out!

Ten Tips for a Winning Scholarship

  1. Be a member of the 99s!
  2. Follow the scholarships rules and pay attention to details, or you could be disqualified.
  3. Spend time on your essay and tell your unique story. Review your essay over and over.
  4. Tell the truth.
  5. Complete the application process in full.
  6. Don't miss the deadline.
  7. Speak directly to the scholarship for which you are applying.
  8. Start early to write your essay and gather the references and documents you need.
  9. Don't send additional stuff.
  10. Proofread your submission and keep a copy for yourself.


A strong scholarship applicant should:

  • Establish financial need.
  • Be an active, participating Ninety-Nines member.
  • Find low-cost flight training options.
  • Complete the Airman Knowledge Exam for certificate/rating. If short on flight time, have a plan to build time.
  • Apply for the appropriate rating or certificate in the time frame allowed.
  • Show efforts to succeed on her own.
  • Pay attention to details.
  • Be thorough and accurate.
  • Communicate character and particularly, honesty.

Credits: Thanks to Wendy Frazer for submitting this article, and thanks to Molly Martin of Women in Aviation for the ten tips, which she expands on in detail here: Ten Tips for a Winning Scholarship Application.

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